Vilon peptide with vitamin D

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Vilon peptide with vitamin D is a product for your immune system

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Name: VILON® Capsules. Action: Normalization of immune system functioning. Type: Food Supplement. Form: Capsules. Ingredients: VILON® and Vitamin D.

The modern world is developing fast, a fact that creates numerous conditions that are harmful for our body. These conditions include the environment, stress, unhealthy habits and illnesses. Our body is not capable of battling all these conditions without constantly wearing down our immune systems, and, precisely because of this, our immune systems need constant support and maintenance.

VILON® is an innovative food supplement whose active ingredient is a short di-peptide of the same name

VILON® has a profound beneficial effect on the human body by efficiently supporting and regenerating the main organ of the immune system – the thymus.

The thymus is a specialised primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. Within the thymus, T cells mature; these cells are critical to the adaptive immune system, through which the body adapts to specific foreign invaders.

The functional activity of the thymus drastically decreases after puberty, which is associated with early involution of this organ. Activation and normalization of thymus functioning leads to a cascade of positive effects that help to combat existing illnesses and protect from new ones.

Physiologically short peptides are active compounds that modulate various cellular and molecular processes in the thymus. Through significant research and experimental studies, it was discovered that VILON® is effective in addressing age-related and radiation-induced fading of the thymus function; immunopathological states caused by intensive physical exercise; stressful conditions; and other causes of immune deficiency.

Use of the food supplement VILON®, in addition to conventional therapy, accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration and the restoration of the body’s functions

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that the specific effects of VILON® include inhibition of apoptosis (cell death), stimulation of proliferation of the immune cells, promotion of tissue regeneration and reduction of inflammation.

Clinical studies show that administration of VILON® to elderly patients with chronic generalized pathologies contributes to a shortening of the duration of pathological processes. Experimental and clinical results prove the safety of the continuous administration of VILON® and suggest that its geroprotective properties could be used for the prevention of age-related pathologies in adults and elderly patients.

VILON® is an effective product for preventing premature aging and increasing human lifespan. It is recommended to all adults over 18 years of age and especially people who are looking to improve their immune systems. VILON® is safe to use, clinically proven, and highly effective, facts that comprise its main advantage as a food supplement.


VILON® is a food supplement of Vitamin D and amino acid complex useful in case of deficiency or increased need for these nutritional components. Nutritional effect: Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Ingredients: corn maltodextrin; capsule in HPMC (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose); Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) (0.8%); Amino acid complex (L-Lysine – L-Glutamic acid) (0.08%). Recommended daily dose and method of use: it is recommended to take one capsule a day to be swallowed with water. Without opening or chewing.

1 capsule once a day for 1 month. Repeat every 6 months.

Support your immune system for healthy longevity! VILON® – immunity from age!


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