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Let’s answer your questions about peptides.

It’s not that simple to understand every funktion of the body and their changes when aging.

You are always welcome with your questions. But to make it easier for you we have gathered the most common questions about our peptides.


Common questions about peptides

What is peptides?

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids and is identified by being shorter than a protein.

What does the peptides do?

Each organ or body function has its own unique peptide bioregulator. The peptides support protein synthesis in the gene.

Does the peptides have effect on everybody?

If your protein synthesis is aldready good tou won’t notice any change, you can’t overdose peptides though. Also, if you can’t feel any effect at all, the problem probably lies somewhere else.

Are the peptides medicine?

No, it’s amino acids and classified as dietary supplements.

Are we the cheapest online?

When buying Bioregulators / Peptides online, you’ll find cheaper variants. We guarantee that our products have undergone the necessary customs checks and lab tests, which is a guarantee that you really get the peptides ordered. Customs and VAT are included in our price.

What is the normal dosage for the peptides in general?

Two capsules a day for 10 days – a total of 20 capsules corresponding to one package – repeated every 6 months. If the need is greater then repeat can be done after 2 to 3 months. It is possible to repeat regularly every month if the need exists.

How can I be sure that peptides have a real effect on me?

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice changes subjectively, so an objective method can be helpful. Do tests to assess your current health condition. Do them before and a month after ingestion of appropriate peptides.

Can Endoluten be used to regulate sleep?

Because it promotes melatonin secretion, the Endolith can be used to encourage a regular sleep pattern.

Is there a difference in dosage between men and women?

No, the dose is not affected by sex or weight.

How many peptide complexes can I take at the same time?

You can combine up to 5 peptide complexes at the same time.

Are there any contraindications? Individual intolerance to components, pregnancy and lactation.

Individual intolerance to components, pregnancy and lactation.

Can you take peptides along with other dietary supplements too?

Yes, you can.

Why are not any similar peptide complexes from other companies?

The process of extracting these peptides is patented.

Can Endoluten be consumed along with other supplements?


What combination of peptides should I take?

According to Professor Vladimir Khavinson, President of the European Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the first-class combination consists of the Endolith (Neuro-Endocrine System), Vladonix (Immune System), Cerluten (Brain), Sigumir (Ben & Leader), Svetinorm (Liver) and Waist (blood vessels) for one or two months twice a year. Endoluten and Vladonix are the two most important.

Which combination of peptides is best for the elderly in general?

Glandokort® – adrenal peptide, Vladonix® thymus peptide and Ventfort® – blood vessel peptide.

What are the side effects?

15 million people have used the peptides for 30 years and no side effects have been found. Peptides only support protein synthesis and they can not overestimulate it.

Here are some general recommendations:

Natural peptide combinations

• Digestive System: A-7 Svetinorm A-1 Suprefort A-10 Stam Card

• Cardiovascular system: A-3 Ventfort A-14 Chelochart A-6 Vladonix

• Central nervous system: A-5 Cerluten A-3 Ventfort A-7 Svetinorm

• Immune system: A-8 Endolutions A-6 Vladonix® A-3 Ventfort

• Locomotive device: A-4 Sigumir A-3 Ventfort A-6 Vladonix A-21 Bonothyrk

• Carbohydrate metabolism disorders: A-1 Suprefort A-3 Ventfort

• Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders: A-7 Swine A-1 Suprefort A-3 Ventfort

• Thyroid: A-2 Thyroid A-3 Ventfort

• Adverse reactions (chemotherapy, long-term ionizing radiation): A-6 Vladonix A-7 Svetinorm A-8 Endoluten A-20 Bonomarlot

• Negative factors (professional or psychiatric stress): A-6 Vladonix A-8 Endoluten A-17 Glandcard

• Visible Body: A-11 Visoluten A-5 Cerluten A-3 Ventfort

• Urinary Exhaust System: A-6 Vladonix A-12 Chitomur A-9 Pielotax

• Men’s Reproductive System: A-13 Test Solvent A-16 Libidon A-17 Gland Card

• Female Reproductive System: A-15 Zhenoluten A-2 Thyroid A-3 Ventfort

• Respiratory system: A-6 Vladonix A-19 Taxorest A-3 Ventfort

• Intensive physical activity: A-6 Vladonix A-4 Sigumir A-3 Ventfort A-18 Gotratix A-5 Cerluten

Supplements should never be used as an alternative to a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

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