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Read what our clients has to say about the effects of our peptides.

Our clients are grown ups in different ages with different issues. Younger people ho work out hard as well as older people with sore joints and dry eyes.

“I have been treated for a long time with Hashimoto, which is a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland. I had all the signs of hypothyroidism, although TSH was within the reference value. I have not been medicated because of it.
Finally, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after 3 years and was prescribed Levaxin. Unfortunately, I only got worse and stopped voluntarily without further help from the health care.
According to the Medical Products Agency, Levaxin has the most patient-reported side effects year after year and the number of cases is high. Every other thyroid patient does not feel better from their medication. And when you are not feeling well, you do everything to find a way to feel better. I found the Pepvital page by chance and tried Thyreogen. Then my TSH was 10.7 (the reference value P-Thyrotropin / TSH should be 0.4-4.0 mlE / L). It must be said that in the beginning I also took it wrong. Took only one tablet in the morning fasting, but you should take it 2 times a day – but still felt the difference after 2 courses of each other. According to blood tests, my TSH dropped to 4.6.
I still have symptoms but have less lipoedema, less pain and not as fatally tired as before.
While eating Thyreogen, I have excluded gluten, sugar and dairy products. It is impossible for me to know why I am reacting positively. There is a lot of misinformation about the thyroid gland, but I hope that with this post I can give others the opportunity to try their hand and try Thyreogen. Maybe they can help themselves or someone else.”
Nurse at Sahlgrenska hospital, Sweden 


“My pain in the hips hands and knees has diminished and disappeared completely after cures by Sigumir. In the past, I got sore hips when I slept so I had to turn around and thus had worse sleep.”

“As I told you, mum (born 1939) notices a big improvement after two cures with Sigumir but still feels pain in one shoulder. The pain in hands and the other shoulder has become much better or even gone. She has been able to pull down the pain tablets and even took a few swims when she bathed which she couldn’t do last year. Above all, she has become happier and more hopeful about the future. It is very disruptive to go with long-term pain without hope that it will get better. “

“My son, who is 26, has had over 15 years of problems with, among other things, depression, fatigue, internal stress, constant infections, fatigue, hopelessness, etc. So after going through the entire battery in regular health care without results or understanding , I got in touch with Terho and got new hope. After only two days it started to turn, and suddenly he started to become who he really is. Both physically and mentally it started to change for the better. He is happier, more cheerful, takes care of himself himself in a completely different way. Body and soul finally got a chance to heal. Now after 9 months and a few sessions with a custom mix of peptides, he can manage work training, manage his own life and look forward to a future that he can control. Wonderful! Thanks!”

“I have tested this since a year back. It works really well. I would never be able to play tennis and golf virtually every day without the “peppers”. I did not believe it first but now I’m completely sold. All old ailments are almost completely gone.”

“I am a carpenter and work a lot with my hands. Therefor I often get pain in my thumbs and hands, especially the day after working hard. After taking Sigimur for 10 days I have not felt the same pain anymore.”


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